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We believe that our clients deserve a choice on how they represent their corporate image to their patients. 

We are able to extend to you a variety of fully sponsored products.


Whether you require single colour, multi-colour, or even a full colour photographic reproduction, our service is totally free.


Following a bereavement, family, relatives or friends responsible for undertaking the necessary arrangements can find such matters extremely daunting and confusing.


This is why we have produced these booklets which provides useful information to the recently bereaved..



Antenatal scan presentation wallets enhance the presentation of Ultrasound Scans at the point of issue, through their sharing with family & friends and keep the image safe & presentable for many years to come. They are also extremely quick and simple to assemble, due to our unique ‘Peel & Stick’ design, and are already being issued at many NHS Trusts throughout the UK.


We are aware that the number of non- attending patients has been an ever increasing problem for everyone.


With this in mind, our DNA cards were developed to raise the public’s awareness of the problem and to prompt them to contact you in advance, should they be unable to keep an appointment.


Information Leaflets feature all the information about your service that is usually required by visitors . These leaflets are usually available from dispensers located throughout your location. Information Leaflets are an effective way of reaching a wide cross section of the local community. 


Advice Cards are issued or made available to patients attending A & E and other specialist departments for treatment, usually following an accident or injury. Once presented with an appropriately entitled Advice Card, each patient is required to retain and refer to the Advice Card throughout the full duration of their treatment.

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Nursing and Care home brochures can be an ideal way to showcase the facilities your home is able to offer. Each brochure is tailor made to each home’s requirements. We can add photos, text, and home information. The brochure is also available as an e-Brochure enabling this to placed onto a website for easy download to any device.
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