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Appointment cards

Pictorial Appointment Cards

To display buildings of local or historical significance

Multi-Site Appointment Cards

For simultaneous issue through various hospital sites

Multi-Department Appointment Cards

For simultaneous issue through various departments on any one site

Paediatric Appointment Cards

Friendly, colourful designs created with children in mind

Bold Print Appointment Cards

Ideal for issue to elderly patients or those with sight deficiencies

Open Appointment Cards

For issue to in-patients at the point of discharge

The importance of appointment cards in the electronic age
For many years it has been believed that the now commonplace use of electronic appointment systems throughout the NHS would negate the need for printed appointment cards. However, this has not proved to be the case and an increasing number of NHS Trusts now appreciate that the issue of a tangible appointment card is by far the best way to support their electronic systems and reduce their DNA problems, particularly in relation to the elderly, infirm and disabled. As a result, the future of appointment cards and printed patient literature in general appears bright and Calco Publications is busier than it ever has been in the past.

‘We offer all patients an appointment card when they book their next appointment, and the vast majority accepts one. Our appointments are booked electronically and patients with mobile phones receive a text reminder, but we still find that most of our patients prefer a tangible record of their appointment with our contact number on and a note of their Therapist’s name. Our appointment cards also provide us with an opportunity to promote alternative transport methods to the hospital – always useful as parking is difficult!’ 

Gina Sargeant

Head of Therapies

Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust

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