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"I wanted to write to say how delighted everyone is with the quality of your Scan Photo Cards. The colourful designs have made them extremely popular with our patients.

We find the easy ‘sticky stripe’ method of assembly of the scan photo cards is much appreciated by the busy staff issuing them and by the patients.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your services and Scan Photo Cards to any other Trust."


Alexandra Drought, Superintendent Ultrasonographer, West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust.

"We have been using this company to provide our scan picture wallets for many years and have been totally satisfied with their service.

We have had no problems communicating with them and delivery has always been as specified, with the quantities being correct as ordered.

They have a good choice of designs and colours available. It is nice to be able to give Patients something that is not only useful to hold their images flat, but is also a lovely memento of their scan visit.” 


Christine Chapman, Superintendent Sonographer, Epsom General Hospital.

"Whittington Hospital’s Imaging Department has been issuing this company’s Ultrasound Presentation Wallets since 2009 and has always found their service to be consistently reliable. The colourful designs have proved extremely popular with our patients.The staff also appreciate the easy and convenient way in which the wallets can be assembled, with the images mounted securely within them.

Ultrasound images are treasured by every expectant mother and the quality of this company’s Ultrasound Presentation Wallets enhances that value, providing an attractive way in which to keep the memory safe for many years to come.

 I would highly recommend this services and product to any other hospital.”


Bharati Kapadia, Principal Sonographer, The Whittington Hospital.

“We are very happy with the quality of these wallets. We were able to ‘customise’ our design helped by the large number of options we had to choose from. The peel and stick design is appreciated by our clients. We simply place the photos loosely inside the wallets and leave them to fix in position themselves – this ensures they get exactly what they want".


 Ann Allen - Superintendent Ultrasonographer - Sherwood Forest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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